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Here we are to introduce you two popular resort cities Antalya and Bodrum  , that will provide attractive alternatives for beach weddings , and here below are the 7 rocking reasons :

  1. Beautiful climate

The weather condition is a crucial  factor for a wedding. So the couple may wish to choose a place with a nice climate for their wedding celebration. Since Bodrum and Antalya are located close to both of the Aegean and Mediterranean seas, their climate is a mixture of the Aegean and Mediterranean climate which is such a climate that the humidity does not overwhelm you and you feel comfortable even when it is hot.

  1. Sea of tranquility and limitless exhilarating beaches

The tranquility of the sea also gives tranquility to the people who sail or who swim in the sea and even to the people who just view it. So a wedding near this tranquil sea will be a perfect one, since tranquility is one of the things which is needed the most after a stressful wedding organization.

A wedding near a beach can be a glamorous one for the couples who love the sea and its landscape. There is a variety of beaches in both Antalya and Bodrum which all have magnificent views and are available for wonderful wedding organizations. So if the couple would like to get married in such a wedding venue, these places are great options with their numerous beach alternatives.

  1. Numerous luxurious hotels

Antalya and Bodrum are famous with their great number of luxurious hotels with five or more starts. If couples want to have a luxurious wedding celebration, without missing a single detail that is needed to have an unforgettable wedding, these places are among the best places for them to consider, with all of their amazing wedding venues.

The best part of this hotel variety is, this variety of hotels are suitable for different budgets. So, there is no reason for a couple not to choose Antalya or Bodrum for their wedding place because of their limited budget. They can definitely find a nice hotel which is also appropriate for their budget and enjoy the beauty of the place.

  1. Colorful night life and entertainment

The colorful night life of both Antalya and Bodrum is another factor that makes these places wonderful wedding venues. How? The couple may not want to limit themselves with a wedding celebration at a hotel and they may wish to enrich their celebration by enjoying this night life of these amazing places, after the actual wedding celebration. So, with their various amazing night clubs, these places will definitely give the couple this irresistable opportunity.

  1. Natural beauty and historical artifacts

A wedding celebration may become a unique one with an extraordinary lanscape, such as a view of a natural beauty or an historical artifact. Antalya, the city that has been the home of many different civilizations, is a great choice for a couple who wants to have a such wedding. There are historical artifacts that the couple can choose to celebrate their wedding near to and even go and visit such as the ancient theaters of Aspendos and Side; the ancient cities of Termessos, Attaleia, Olympos and Perge and also Hadrian’s Gate. Also there are natural beauties such as Olympos National Park; waterfalls of Düden, Kurşunlu and Manavgat and also the caves of Konakaltı, Karain and Damlataş…

If we talk about Bodrum, there are historical artifacts such as the ancient cities of Pedasa and Madnasa, the castles of Venedik and Bodrum and also as a natural beauty, Iassos. The couple has too many options if they love to explore the natural beauties and the history.

  1. Delicious food

Food is one of the important things to plan carefully for a wedding organization. The food you can taste in Akdeniz is the famous delicious Mediterranean food which can be a perfect food alternative for a wedding. You can find different food types that mainly contains sesame and tahini which are special for Antalya, you can taste stuffed zucchini flowers special for Bodrum and taste lots of seafood and delicious meals prepared with olive oil in both of these places. All of these food alternatives which are special for Antalya and Bodrum, will make your amazing wedding a special one as well.

  1. Easy access

Access to Antalya and Bodrum are easy in the sense that there are different transportation alternatives to reach these places. The people who will travel a long way to the wedding place at Antalya or Bodrum may use the airplane which directly arrives at these places. They can still choose land vehicles if they prefer which is also another easy way to come to Antalya or Bodrum. Also, Since these places are located near the sea, people can travel from another place near to the sea to Antalya or Bodrum with their boats and arrive quickly to the wedding place.

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