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Why Istanbul ?

Top 5 reasons to book a destination wedding in Istanbul

Istanbul is the largest city in Turkey. It is a unique, flourishing transcontinental city that unites cultures from Europe and Asia. Home of over 17 million people, Istanbul is also a very popular tourist destination. Its attractions draw people from around the world and are also a great reason why many people choose this location for their weddings. While many places in the world are popular sites for destination weddings, and many tourists visit Istanbul and Turkey more generally for touristic and cultural purposes, it is a city booming in popularity for destination weddings. Here are the top reasons why:

  1. Cultural capital of the world

Istanbul is heralded as the cultural capital of the world as it boasts many galleries and museums for couples who wish to take in some of those experiences during their honeymoon, and can be an attractive destination to entice members of the wedding party to be entertained between wedding preparations and the main event. Home of UNESCO Heritage sites and many other gems, Istanbul has so much to offer to any couple interested in cultural explorations.

2. Romantic architecture

Istanbul, formerly Constantinople, is one of the oldest cities in the world. With a rich history told by the facades of local architecture, there are relics dating back to the era of Constantinople, spanning the Ottoman Empire and coming into modern day. This wealth of architectural masterpieces is sure to bring out the romance for couples who wish to enjoy the mood of older buildings and the elegance they convey, without forgoing the conveniences of contemporary society that could be available through all the finest wedding hotels throughout the city.

3. Great weather

The climate in Istanbul lends itself perfectly to weddings on most days of the year, which makes it a pretty safe bet for a destination wedding for couples who don’t want to risk a rainy day! The record temperatures in Istanbul range from 16-24 degrees Celsius in the summer time. While it does get colder in the winter, the average low temperature tends to go down to 3-4 degrees Celsius, so this is very attractive for couples from Nordic countries where the winters normally feature snowfalls.

4. Breathtaking landscapes

Istanbul sits between the Bosphorous straight, the Sea of Marmara and the Black Sea. Surrounded by these bodies of water, Istanbul is an ideal location for anyone who appreciates being close to the sea. There are a number of beaches where newlyweds can enjoy a swim, and some couples may even choose to be wed right on the shores of the sea. The photo opportunities will be lost on no one with such beautiful sights to set the backdrop and of course, set the right mood for the main event.

5. Honeymoon in Turkey

Another important consideration for destination weddings is of course the last, but certainly not least, item to take place, and that is of course the honeymoon. Destination weddings are often serving a double purpose event that also fulfill the role of being a honeymoon, which means that the destination should feature some romantic attractions for the newlywed couple. Not only does Istanbul have a wealth of touristic opportunities through tours and cultural activities, but for those who wish to see the whole country, Turkey itself is a very popular tourist destination that offers memories to last a lifetime for any couple.


These are the top reasons why couples choose to book their destination wedding in Istanbul, Turkey, but there are so many other reasons why this is becoming one of the most popular spots for destination weddings today.