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Crystal Concepts’ Media Meet in Istanbul with biggest names of Wedding Industry

Crystal Concepts hosted Tomas De Byrune , Benny Avisar, Samit Garg and Carla Marques in Istanbul, during their visit to participate in World Tourism Forum held on 17th february 2017.

Crystal Concepts organized a media  meeting  hosted by Fairmont Quasar hotel which is newly opened in Istanbul.  The Press members showed great interest in getting brief from the leaders of the wedding industry who actually experienced big events in Turkey and around the world. Duygu Kuşkulu , the managing director of Crystal Concepts introduced to the Turkish Media the role of these big players in international weddings .

Duygu Kuşkulu & Carla Marques at an introduction for Tourmag magazine

Duygu Kuşkulu & Eda Başaran of Crystal Concepts with Tomas De Byrune , Samit Garg, Benny Avisar , Carla Marques at the Media Meeting in Fairmont Quasar hotel

Tomas De Byrune introducing himself to Turkish Media

Samit Garg meets Barış Toplan of Fairmont Quasar hotel

Duygu Kuşkulu , managing director of Crystal Concepts introducing the role players of Weddings Industry to Turkish Media

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